Scientific Papers of the Main School of Fire Service

The Main School of Fire Service (the only Fire University educating fire officers) has been publishing the ‘Zeszyty Naukowe SGSP’ /Scientific Papers of the Main School of Fire Service/ since 1983. It is a continuation of the ‘Zeszyty Naukowe WOSP’ issued in the years 1977 – 1981 in WOSP /Higher School for Fire Officers/.
It is a Polish academic journal presenting the results of research works and scientific achievements of the Main School of Fire Service staff. The issues concern the problems of fire and civil safety as well as the protection of natural environment. Our journal is open for the scientists from other universities both from Poland and abroad.
Each article to be published in the ‘Zeszyty Naukowe SGSP’ is reviewed by two independent specialists affiliated by  the other  institutions than the authors of the articles.


Reviewing procedure and qualification of articles for printing in the “Zeszyty Naukowe SGSP” quarterly

1. All materials submitted by the authors, which are to be printed in “Zeszyty Naukowe SGSP” are subject to material assessment by members of the Programme Council, the Editing Team and by independent reviewers.
2. Reviewers shall be proposed by members of the Programme Council or members of the Editing Team responsible for the given division – i.e. thematic editors.
3. Two independent reviewers are appointed to appraise each publication, experts in the given scientific branch (with a scientific degree higher or equal to that of the author). The reviewers are not in any way associated with the author/authors.
4. Both the author (authors), and the reviewers are not familiar with the identity of the others – pursuant to the double-blind review principle.
5. The author (authors) sign a representation concerning their being authors of the paper (author’s representation) and submit it together with the article in the SGSP Publishing House.
6. Once the Editorial Staff has received two sheets of the review, the author is informed of possible comments and reviewer’s corrections, which should be incorporated in the text. The review shall be executed in a written form and shall provide a clear conclusion concerning release of the article to be published (without any modifications or following incorporation of requested changes by the author) or rejected.
7. Should there be two contradictory reviews, a third reviewer is appointed and that third review is binding.
8. Only those articles may be published, which have obtained a positive final opinion.
9. Names of reviewers of particular publications are not disclosed; once a year, in the last edition of “Zeszyty Naukowe SGSP” in the given calendar year and on the Publishing House webpage a list of reviewers of articles printed in the given year is presented.

Form of Review of a Paper


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Editorial requirements for papers submitted for publication 
Declaration of author



 Program Council

Associate prof. Marek Konecki
Rafał Wróbel,  PhD

Ewa Juchimowicz



Scientific Council

Associate prof. Paweł Gromek  – Editor in Chief (The Main School of Fire Service)
Prof. Jerzy Wolanin (The Main School of Fire Service)
Col. associate prof. Marzena Półka (The Main School of Fire Service)
Prof. Ing. Karol Balog, PhD. (Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (STU)
Prof. Ing. Pavel Poledňák (Technical University of Ostrava – VŠB-TUO)
Prof. Bogdan Długogorski (Murdoch University in Perth Australia)
Prof. Dr Aleksandar Jovanovic (Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies)
Prof. Simo Hostikka (Aalto University, Helsinki)
Dr Elisabeth Banchard (French Scientific  and Technical Research Centre)
Prof. Michael Delichatsios (University of Ulster, Northern Ireland)
Dr Päivi Kuosmanen (Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland)
Prof. Brian Meacham (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA)
Assoc. Prof. Ing. Jozef Ristvej, PhD. (University of Żilina)



The Editorial Team

Safety Engineering

Tomasz Drzymała, PhD
Wojciech Jarosz, PhD
Associate prof. Marek Konecki
Zdzisław Salamonowicz, PhD
Mirosław Sobolewski, PhD

Internal Security

Associate prof. Aneta Majkowska
Tomasz Zwęgliński, PhD
Rafał Wróbel, PhD




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