About the Main School of Fire Service

The Main School of Fire Service was established by the decree of the Council of Ministers on the 18th January 1982 and is simultaneously an organizational unit of the National Headquaters of the State Fire Service of Poland. According to this the School’s obligations include: attendance in fire rescue, natural disasters and places of danger as well as doing other tasks established by School’s special acts.

Main School of Fire Service is fullfilling a lot of iniciatives which ables civil employees and officers  to exchange international experienced by participating in scientific conferences, seminars, workshops, delegations and programs organized by School’s international partners.


BG Mariusz FELTYNOWSKI, BSc, PhD, Assoc. Prof. SGSP






Studies offer

The Main School of Fire Service is offering studies in the field of safety engineering and internal security for both civil and cadet students. If you are looking for postgraduate programs, workshops, courses, Executive MBA and Doctors program you will find them at SGSP!

Students of SGSP have an opportunity to realize themselves in various parts of science-academic life: in students associations, scientific sections, sports sections and Students Government as well as in international exchange programme and projects. We encourage to find out more about our offer in postgraduate studies, executive MBA, courses and workshops.

Next to the trainings addressed to the officers of the National Headquaters of State Fire Service preparing to positions connected with management of rescue actions or officers positions, School offers postgraduate studies, courses and trainings focused on increasing qualifications in selected areas.

Join us and become one of the SGSP’s students to expand your interests and gain both theoretical and practical knowledge!

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Visit us with Erasmus+ programme!

SGSP is a partner with Eramus+ charter for higher education 2021-2027 which is coordinated by the National Erasmus+ Agency in Poland.

Thanks to Erasmus+ programme students of the Main School of Fire Service can continue their studies in other European universities.

Students after 2nd semester of Bachelor studies can travel to study abroad. The minimum lenght of stay is 3 months, during international internship it is for at least 2 months. Erasmus+ programme gives also alumni an opportunity to go aborad for graduate fellowship within 1 year after graduation.

The Main School of Fire Service has a wide range of partnerships and 23 bilateral agreements within Erasmus+ with Universities from 16 countries such as: Slovakia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia, Finland.

SGSP has Erasmus+ office and our highly qualified staff helps in filling in the paperwork and assists in administrative tasks.

Erasmus+ gives also opportunity for Universities workers to attend short visits for conferences and project workshops in appointed country.

Incoming students-how to apply

Incoming students-course catalog

Partner Universities and institutions

How to apply for Erasmus+ internships? Let’s find out!

Do you know that with Erasmus+ programme you can also have a traineeship?

How it works? What are the steps?

1.Apply for internship within your University

2.Find a company where you would like to have an internship – get in touch!

3.Check selected company’s requirements and follow the process stages!

4.Make professional application documents, prepare for interview

5.If you are selected for internship please make sure to discuss all details (arrival, duties, number of hours)

6.Contact with your Erasmus+ Coordinator to prepare paperwork and sign Learing Agreement for Traineeship

  1. Travel for internship and make this opportunity as a chance of a lifetime!

If you would like to go aborad to gain international experience, improve your language skills and make connections contact with Erasmus+ Coordinator to check how to apply.

Additional informations:

Base of internships:

Staring education at SGSP both cadet and civil students have an unique possibility to continue specialist languge learning and from other selected languages in thier field of study.

Foreign language study department has a huge course offer from specialist language which is so important on a labour market.

Our lectors are preparing students before travelling for Erasmus+ programees.

Scientifical research

The Main School of Fire Service is not only a place to educate highly specialized staff but also it’s a institution with high scientific research potencial with modern labs and qualified academic staff. SGSP leads in safety engineering researches, especially in the field of people protection and fire prevention. 

SGSP wants to response to the markets needs and use the results of the scientific researches and development works in order to meet the expectations of enterpreneurs interested in cooperation.

Our goal is to prepare the best offer based on the business model prefered by the companies.

In past years the scientific-research team has done more then 400 expertisis for various Clients such as: Lotos Group, Lotos Terminal S.A, Lotos Biooil SP z.o.o, Orlen South S.A., the Palace of Culture and Science, OLPP Sp. Z.o.o, Kadimex, Minimax, GM Sprinkler Sp. z o.o and Public Institutions.

Examples of researches:

  • preparation of the documentation of the places of fire spread, confrontations, court trials
  • opinions and expertises about fire causes
  • security reports
  • risk analysis
  • health and safety expertisis
  • testing of fire equipment after fires

Areas of cooperation: Investigation of fire places, Preperation of opinions and expertises, researches, developming solutions and more dependable on Client’s needs.

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One of the main parts of the Project’s Department tasks is to engage our University in new scientific – research projects, research and development workshops to strenghten image as a trusted partner for business.

Project’s Department obligation is also to built and extend partners network, promote University abroad by attending conferences, seminars, meetings and workshop groups.

National projects:

International projects:

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Library and Publishing

SGSP’s library is a public organizational unit and a science library.

which has the richest collection of of both polish and foreign publications from the fire prevention field in Poland. Library constantly collects, develops and shares collections, compact and concious publishing, polish and international from:

  • fire protection
  • rescue
  • civil protection and civil defense
  • crisis management
  • natural and civilizational disasters

Moreover library gathers books and publications from ecology, psychology, social studies, organization and management, technical science and language glossries, lexicons and encyclopedias.

Check catalogue and the sales offer:

SGSP’s publishing is issuing scripts, manuals and monographs and two scientific journals „SGSP Research papers” and „ProPublico Bono Research Papers”.

Check publications of our Academic staff:

Partner Universities and Institutions

Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

Fire Fighters' Training School

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

Fire and Rescue Department in the Ministry of Interiorof the Republic of Lithuania

Fire Safety and Civil Protection Collage

Czech Republic
Ostrava Technical University

Technical University in Zwolen

The French Academy for Fire, Rescue and Civil Protection Officers (ENSOSP)

Hamburg Fire Service Academy

Steinbeis EU-VRi
European Risk & Resilience Institute (EU-VRi)

Lviv State University of Life Safety

Cherkasy Institute of Fire Safety named after Chernobyl Heroes

National University of Civil Protection of Ukraine

Lviv Polytechnic

International cooperation

One of the Main School’s of Fire Service key goals is to strenghten foreign partnerships with Universities and Insitutions in the areas of scientific research, research and devlopment to exchange ideas in fields of: fire security, fire prevention, civil security, risk analysis, fire engineering.

The Main School of Fire Service is giving to both cadet and civil students, academic staff an opportunity to gain experience during international internships, exchange programs like Erasmus+, seminars and conferences.

School focuses on openness in cooperation in both national and foreign markets also through networking, project cooperation consortia.

Find out more aboout possible cooperation with our School.

Contact person:

Izabela Modzelewska Specialist for International Cooperation
phone: +48 22 56 17 749

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