II International Scientific Seminar on Preparation and pre-planning activities for wildfire response ‘Training forms and methods’

+ Scope and objectives

II International Scientific Seminar on Preparation and pre-planning activities for wildfire response ‘Training forms and methods’ is an event supporting international research project entitled Integrated Technological and Information Platform for wildfire Management (SILVANUS; project leader: Universita Telematica Pegaso, Italy). The project “(…) envisages to deliver an environmentally sustainable and climate resilient forest management platform through innovative capabilities to prevent and combat against the ignition and spread of forest fires”. The seminar focuses on issues of task 3.3 of the project and regards Preparation and pre-planning activities for wildfire response.

The main objective of the seminar is to identify and discuss training forms and methods for fire services, forest services, UAV operators and public administration representatives involved in wildfire response. The forms and methods should allow to reflect operations to be carried out during first period after wildfire ignition, ascribing into early detection and communication of the hazard, immediate disposal of wildfire responders, comprehensive recognition of hazard situation (from ground and air), effective getting of the resources to the wildfire scene, firefighting tactics (including ensuring continuous access to water) and cooperation between entities fighting the fire. Special attention should be paid on use of modern technologies as well as best educational and training solutions.

Our ambition after the seminar is to be able to indicate general training mechanisms related to preparation and pre-planning activities for wildfire response, basing on partial results of SILVANUS project and opinions expressed by the seminar participants.

+ Date

29 September 2022, 10:00-13:00

+ Formula

On-line (MsTeams)

+ Organiser

The Main School of Fire Service, Warsaw (Poland)

+ Registration

Registration is carried out in on-line formula, with the use of Google Forms. The registration is available under the link:


The registration is open till 25 September 2022 (end of the day). There is limited number of participants to be registered (150 participants) regarding order of applications.

+ Accommodation and fee

Regarding on-line formula of the seminar, there are no accommodation needs and requirements concerned. Participation in the event is free of charge.

+ Participation in the event

Organisational board will use e-mail addresses from registration forms to send direct MsTeams links to the event few days before the seminar date.

Seminar language will be English.

+ Contact details

  1. Monika Komendarska: mkomendarska@sgsp.edu.pl
  2. Pawel Gromek: pgromek@sgsp.edu.pl