On the 25th May the Senate of the Main School of Fire Service unanimously granted rest.Prof. Dr Hab. Melania Pofit-Szczepańska for the first time in the School’s history the honourable Doctor Honoris Causa of the Main School of Fire Service.

Madam Professor is a longtime academic worker of the Main School of Fire Service, formely Higher Officer Fire School and School of Fire Officers. Professor is a appreciated didactician, scientist and educator of many generations of the fire officers. Madam Professor is unquestionned authority in the field of physicochemistry of combustion and explosion.

As a result of longterm scientific work, culminating of acheiving proffesor of science title was 66 scientific publications, 58 refers for conferences and seminars, 54 articles in fire field, 26 non-published science reseach, 95 science works, including  reseached finished with impelemntation and expertises.