The Main School of Fire (SGSP) was awarded in the 23rd edition of the Higher School’s rank Perspektywy organized by the Educational Foundation „Perspektywy. This rank is actually one of the 4 ranks refflecting on a different missions performed by Polish universities.

SGSP in Academic Universities Rank 2022

Academics Universities Rank Perspektywy 2022 includes Polish academic universities both state and private (excluding art schools) which has at least 1 authorization for Doctor’s degree. Classification includes 29 indicatiors gathered in 7 criterias: Prestige, Graduates on a labour market, Scientific potencial, Innovation, Scientific Effectiveness, Eduation conditions and Internationalization.

Award for our Alma Mater is a act of appreciation for comprehensive activeness of the academic staff of SGSP.

SGSP graduates on a labour market

We are offering studies for people with passion and willingness for further development. We also guarantee specialist education which is so desired on a labour market. By the criteria „Graduates on a labour market 2022” SGSP came on a high 4th place on a national scale. Our students have an opportunity to realize themselves on a many aspects of students and scientific life. We are offering variety of post-graduate studies, workshops and courses.

Security fields in SGSP established as top among security related majors

Next to the Higher Schools rank is also Fields of Study Rank. In the list of the security fields 2022 our University was ranked in the second ten in Poland. We are educating the best specialists in fire prevention, national security and civil protection, incluging fire officers.

We are thankful to the whole academic community of SGSP for professional service and work to assure security and scientific activity in development of our Alma Mater.

Thanks to the engagement in responsibilities constantly are indicated new ways of development by connecting theory with practise and cooperation with social-economy environment.

All interested we encourage to find out more about SGSP educational offer. Details about the admissions please check at: