Innovational research-development training position „LNG Trainer” designed for preparation to actions with the use of equipment on hand by the National Headquaters of the State Fire Service of Poland (PSP) during LNG incidents.


The purpose of the project was development and testing in real-world conditions of technology necessary to built research and training station used to develop tactics for operations using equipment on hand of the National Headquaters of the State Fire Service of Poland (SFS) during LNG inicidents.


Main goal:

 The main purpose of the project was development and execution of the prototype of LNG trainer, prepare tactics of actions during tanker LNG accidents and training procedures for actions of PSP on operational level.

Detailed goals:

  1. construction and execution of the physical LNG trainer prototype
  2. definition of possible use and development based on the requirements of rescue testing equipment: pneumatic, plumbing, electrical, manual and paramedics personal protection during work with LNG
  3. research of behaviour of the LNG cloud in changing climate conditions
  4. analysis and assessment of the risk accidents and procedures for operating under emergency conditions
  5. preparation of rescue procedures /trainings and development of technical equipment, allowing training with the use of modern techniques.

Therefore, the project assumed a procedure aimed at:

  • building training environment for rescue service by conducting LNG stationary trainer on a fake tanker trailer for LNG trainer transport and reflective training for simulated procedures aimed to hazards elimination at the place of accident
  • development of risk analysis methods of threats and procedures of reactions.
  • preparation of training programmes for particilar training school groups: firefighters/paramedics, officers (technical fire officers), specialist chemical training, special technical training, health & safety training during rescue actions.
  • conducting of a demonstration of trainer in real-world conditions.