On the 27th January in the Main School of Fire Service took place the first baltic innovation forum on civil safety on behalf of the Council of the Baltic Sea and Strategic EU States for Baltic Sea Region.

The National Headquaters of the Fire State Service, the Main School of Fire Service and the Secretary of the Council of the Baltic Sea States during the last year chaired on international works, which goal was to create a state forum allowing to bring closer challenges of the subjects in civil safety and matching them to its innovative technological solutions and outside technological, arising in the countries of the Baltic Sea region.

The event gathered representatives from the civil safety institutions, academic society, scholars, volunteers, private sector and innovation supporters. Among guests were for example: partners of the Fire State Service from the medical resuce crisis management agencies, Ministry of the Interior from Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Sweden and Ukraine. Also attended guests from Poland – representatives of the public administration on each level, inspiring volunteers, leading universities, small, medium and big enterprizes.

Leading topics of the pilot forum were: challenges and innovations in the area of crisis communication and informing on the risk of the serious disasters and crisies. Participants met with problems and solutions of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine connected with fuctioning of the rescue service during war, including communication with endangered civilians. They have also realized challenges with which met Polish volunteers and authorties providing help for the Ukrainian refugees incoming to our country. Compared technological solutions which help in managing with information during foreign rescue operations after forest fires. Participants also spoken about the role of the media in countering disinformation and panic in the context of CBRN hazards.

Event was opened by nadbryg. dr inż. Adam Konieczny – Deputy of the Chief Commandant of the Fire State Service and nadbryg. dr inż. Mariusz Feltynowski – Rector-Commandant of the Main School of Fire Service. A letter to attendants directed also a Proxy of the Prime Minister for GovTech – Justyna Orłowska. Discussions during panels were hosted by Adrian Bucałowski – Deputy of the Director for Civil Safety of the Fire State Service and dr hab. Michał Głowacki from the Cathedral of the Media Systems Journalism Department, Information and Bibliology Warsaw University.

Before event organizers will be further works which will allow to merge all subjects engaged in creating innovations for civil safety.

Source: Bureau of the Civil Protection, the Fire State Service

Photos: the Fire Satet Service, the Main School of Fire Service, Secretary of the Council of the Baltic Sea States.