Between 19th-28th June the team of experts from Operational Planning Bureau and Informations Safety Bureau of the National Headquaters of the Fire State Service (PSP) in cooperation with the Main School of Fire Service implemented planning actions in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Actions are a part of a three – years program entitled: „Analysis and development plan of a rescue units in crisis management in Georgia” which was established in 2021. Program is financed from the polish development aid fundings under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The main goal of the visit was to hand over IT equipment and to organize dedicated rescue training for the fire service management in Tbilisi. Also were organized practical trainings for firefighters from technical and high-altitude rescue using rescue equipment handed over in May 2023.

Those practical trainings were a summarize of a specialist training from high-altitude and technical resque which took place in duration 7th-13th May in Central School of PSP in Czestochowa.

In addition, PSP handed over to georgian units three heavy vehicles for road rescue which will be used in protected areas crossing with highways.

Another element of the project was to present a concept of implementing modern solutions from teleinformatics in georgian firefighting structures for whom the basic element for planned actions is to implement communication system ResQNet, based on Matrix protocol. The main feature of this solution is a E2EE coding which guarantees the highest level of safety information exchange.

ResQNet system is highly likely to be launched for all fire rescue units and managment positions in georgian firefighting crisis structures (EMS). This modern solution will significantly improve communication, which will be crucial for effective crisis management situations.

Widening solutions described above for the whole country will be implemented under another program called: „Developing the concept of an ICT system for effective management of emergency situations by the Georgia Emergency Management Service and preparing its implementation nationwide”. Program is realized by the National Headquaters of the State Fire Service and the Main School of Fire Service, by the financial support from the polish devleopment aid fundings of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Example of this cooperation shows how Poland is sharing with experience and knowledge by supporting in building effective and modern rescue systems across the world.