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Relacja z pobytu w Polsce w ramach programu Erasmus+

Autor: S. Miletic

I recently finished my student exchange in Poland. When I got an e-mail that I can go on student exchange, I was very excited and started with preparations. I did some research about Poland, but honestly I had no idea what was waiting for me and how will I spend winter there. At the end of September my colleague and I started a very difficult journey longer than 24 hours, but I can say that I immediately fell in love with Warsaw.
Poles are very hospitable, they accepted us nicely. Additional charm was that we were the first and the only one from Serbia and as such we were interesting for them. Surprisingly, when we was saying Serbia everybody knows something about Yugoslavia.
Unfortunately our time in Poland was passing very fast. Besides enjoying and travelling, we had some duties at the Faculty. I was lucky that I chose very interesting subjects. Proffesors were very correct to us, we had excellent cooperation with them.
I was using my free time for researching and exploring Warsaw and polish customs and culture, but also for visiting other cities. I especially like Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw and Krakow. In Warsaw I spent most of the time, it was especially wonderful during the holidays. I had opportunity to spend there Catholic Christmas, New Year and then our Orthodox Christmas. I must say that I also enjoyed in shopping and ofcourse in traditional polish food and drinks.
Almost 5 wonderful months in this city and country forced me to think about Poland as place where I can live and work in the future.

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