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The Main School of Fire Service

Słowackiego 52/54 Street    01-629 Warszawa

phone +48 22 5617624,  fax. +48 22 8330724   e-mail: sgsp@sgsp.edu.pl

Rector's Office Ph. +48 22 56 17 747

The beginning of officer-level fire education and training dates back to 1938 when The  Main Fire Training Centre  (COWP) was created. The Centre was then transformed into The Central School for Fire Protection, operating during the Nazi Occupation and just after the war. The School was then transformed into the Central Officer School for Fire Protection. In 1955 the School for Fire Service Officers came into being, which was replaced by the Higher School for Fire Service Officers in 1971. Finally, in 1982 the Main School of Fire Service – MSFS (Szkoła Główna Służby Pożarniczej – SGSP) was created.

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