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The Main School of Fire Service

Słowackiego 52/54 Street    01-629 Warszawa

phone +48 22 5617624,  fax. +48 22 8330724   e-mail: sgsp@sgsp.edu.pl

Rector's Office Ph. +48 22 56 17 747

IN-FIRE-NET Program - Polish cadet in Auburn Fire Department, USA


Cadet Norbert Janik from 3rd Company took a four week internship within Polish-American program IN-FIRE-NET (International Fire and Rescue Network) in Auburn Fire Department, Maine. That was his time spent very active, because he visited many interesting places and never get bored during whole September. He lived in the headquarters of Auburn Fire Department and he went with firefighters working there to all alarms. In most departments in the United States, firefighters are called to provide medical aid, and therefore such incidents were the most common. There were also road accidents and fires. One particularly collapsed Cadet Janik in mind, because a large, four-storey building with seventeen apartments was on fire. This building, like the majority of homes in the United States, had a completely wooden structure, the fire was violent and dangerous because of it. During the service took place also exercises such as searching the smoky building or different ways of water supply for fire place. Cadet Janik visited other departments, which often differed significantly from each other. A few days spent in Portland was another medical calls, the port fire station with the rescue boats, as well as a celebration in memory of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Over two days in Boston were enough to see, among others, Boston Fire Department headquarters, fire fighting academy for new cadets, workshop for all equipment, warehouse with equipment for chemical and environmental rescue, several units with extremely interesting rescue cars and another port fire brigade with rescue ship. Another highlight for the Polish fireman was to serve in the helicopter ambulance service, where several calls allowed to travel hundreds of kilometers in the air. Cadet Janik discovered structure of fire departments, emergency call centers and prevention. In his spare time American colleagues showed him the local lifestyle, culinary specialties and even a baseball game on most famous stadium in the country - Boston Fenway Park. The time spent on working with American firefighters Cadet Janik finds as a very fruitful experience before his professional work in the State Fire Service.

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