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IN-FIRE-NET Program - Polish cadet in McKinney Fire Department, Texas, USA

Autor: Michał Zugaj, student WIBP

In September cadet officer Michal Zugaj participated in four-week internship within the INFIRENET project in the McKinney Fire Department, Texas, USA. The cadet officer had the opportunity to get acquainted with the organizational structure of the fire department, as well as participate in the rescue and fire-fighting calls which allowed him to develop knowledge and observe the differences in tactics, usage of equipment and organization of rescue operations.

During the month internship cadet officer took part in the following activities:

- perform prevention audits of public buildings, check ups of fire safety and fire extinguishing systems, control of buildings before and during construction,

- get acquainted with the functioning of crisis management at the local level (visit to Emergency Operations Center (EOC)) and the organization of trainings of major incidents,

- visit to the Faculty of Fire Safety at Oklahoma State University, it’s training ground, where fire fighters allover the state of Oklahoma undergo basic training of fire and rescue operations,

- participation in didactic classes carried out during basic training at the Collin College.

Cadet officer Zugaj had the opportunity to participate in the anniversary of the attack on the WTC. Moreover, during his leisure time cadet officer had the opportunity to visit the AT&T stadium of state team Dallas Cowboys- Rangers Baseball Stadium.

The four-week internship at McKinney FD was a unique opportunity to see and compare the differences in the equipment and tactics of operations between Polish and American Fire Services but also was an opportunity to learn about the American culture and explore this part of the United States.


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