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International Conference "Directions of international cooperation in science and research in order to improve public safety"

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On 3rd February 2016 r. the Scientific and Research Center for Fire Protection National Research Institute (CNBOP-PIB) on the initiative of the National Headquarters of the State Fire Service of Poland (KG PSP), held the International Conference "Directions of international cooperation in science and research in order to improve public safety". It was organized together with CNBOP-PIB, as well as the Main School of Fire Service (SGSP).

On behalf of the Main School of Fire Service the meeting was attended by Rector - Commandant of SGSP nadbryg. Ryszard Dąbrowa, Col. Andrzej Mizerski, Prof. PhD, st. sekc.  Oksana Galarowicz, PhD, Jerzy Telak, PhD, st. kpt. Grzegorz Bełtowski and Kim Rudnik.

The conference was opened by bryg. dr.inż.  Dariusz Wróblewski- Director of CNBOP-PIB and nadbryg. Ryszard Dąbrowa, who welcomed invited guests and participants.

The conference was attended by recognized experts in the fields of firefighting, rescue and civil protectionfrom Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, KG PSP, CNBOP-PIB and SGSP who gave the following lectures:

  • Achievements, potential, possibilities of cooperation
  • The specifics of functioning of the units, area of activity, ongoing projectsand a proposal for common areas of scientific cooperation
  • Define tasks, needs and expectations of scientific-research joint ventures
  • Presentation of proposals for common areas of cooperation
  • Possible sources of financing of common international projects
  • Selected aspects of international cooperation of the Main School of Fire Service
  • Presentation of the proposed source of funding in the context of common areas of cooperation

The main goal of the conference was to familiarize the participants with potential sources of financing of scientific and other international initiatives such as: the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, Horizon 2020, TAIEX, the Exchange of Experts Programme in Civil Protection, Polish Development Assistance, Twinning Programme, students exchange programmes (Erasmus, Leonardo, etc.), Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014-2020 (cross-border cooperation), the Federation of the European Union Fire Officers Associations, European Fire Academy, Fire Safe Europe, NATO, UN, Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, CTIF, World Fire Statistics Center, Nordstat Cooperation, CNBOP-PIB (certification), International Civil Defence Organisation, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

After the sessions Rector - Commandant of the Main School of Fire Service nadbryg. Ryszard Dąbrowa proposed to establish the International Scientific and Research Councilin order to prepare common international projects, and cooperate closely in scientific and research field. The council would meet twice a yearand it’s Secretariat could be located in SGSP. The idea was welcomed with approval and great enthusiasm of the invited representatives and participants of the conference.


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