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The Main School of Fire Service

Słowackiego 52/54 Street    01-629 Warszawa

phone +48 22 5617624,  fax. +48 22 8330724   e-mail: sgsp@sgsp.edu.pl

Rector's Office Ph. +48 22 56 17 747

Training for Polish cadets in ENSOSP, France


On 7-11th of July 2014 2nd year cadets (19 people) led by Cpt. Jakub Jakubiec held professional training during the ground exercises organized at the ENSOSP (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Officiers de Sapeurs-Pompiers - The French Academy for Fire, Rescue and Civil Protection Officers) facilities, in AIX EN PROVENCE, France.

Thanks to interesting lectures and many conducted experiments cadets could explore their knowledge about the events accompanying the fires, which had a significant impact on the chosen techniques and the tactics of operations during the practical exercises. Moreover the responsibilities of each person involved and the way of acting in the rescue and firefighting actions in France were discussed.

During the practical training cadets struggled with:
• flash-over chamber (where they observe phenomena associated with the development of fire and occurring during the fire);
• a smoke chamber;
• fires simulations (house, apartment, service, basement, etc.);
• communication and technical disasters simulations (including traffic accidents on the highway or with haz-mat substances);
• simulations of co-operating technical rescue teams with firefighting teams.

Thanks to the rich and exceptionally realistic training ground infrastructure and presented simulations, exercises have had a crucial educational impact. Every part of the trainigng was followed by a discussion of the instructors with an indication of possible mistakes, that's why subsequent task was made even better and more efficiently.

Cadets could practice new techniques and confront them with the skills gained in Poland, which contributed to increase knowledge and improve the techniques of conducting the firefighting and rescue operations.

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