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The Main School of Fire Service

Słowackiego 52/54 Street    01-629 Warszawa

phone +48 22 5617624,  fax. +48 22 8330724   e-mail: sgsp@sgsp.edu.pl

Rector's Office Ph. +48 22 56 17 747

Training for Polish cadets in the Institute of Training and Professional Development, Belarus


On3-9th of August 2014 2nd year cadets led by Maj. Witold Łabajczyk participated in firefighting training in the Institute of Training and Professional Development (IRPD), located in Swetlaya Roscha, Borysow District, Belarus.

All subjects and practice training was conducted in Russian language, translated to Polish by Maj. Łabajczyk. 

                During the 5-days training the following subjects have been realized:

-         IRPD tour including laboratories, lecture halls, libraries, computer rooms;

-         Extinguishing fires of oil reservoirs;

-         Fires in residential buildings with the underground levels;

-         Firefighting and rescue activities in collapsed buildings and rubble;

-         Exercise in the smoke chamber with a length of 600m with a number of obstacles and difficulties;

-         Firefighting and rescue activities in rail transport;

-         Firefighting and rescue activities in air transport;

-         Conducting evacuation from the aircraft and emergency opening of doors and forcing the shell of the aircraft;

-         Disaster simulator for air traffic - tilted hull, smokiness, sound effects and light;

-         Visit in two units MCZS in Minsk: a specialized function and command training center operating in the capital of Belarus;

-         Exercises on gas installations in different variants;

-         Exercises on psycho-physical  preparation track located in an open space, which is a sequence of devices laid out in a logical path tasks with the possibility to use open flames and smoke;

In comparison to national solutions very much different, similar to the American, is the way of organizing fire investigations and also laboratory, which is equipped like professional crime lab.

Out of training time students have had to disposal a sport complex stadium, gym, sports hall, library and computer room.

Nice accent was a table tennis tournament, which was attended by athletes form Belarus, Kazakhstan, Nigeria and Poland. The tournament was won by Arkadiusz Ignatiuk – SGSP student.

We gained a lot of materials (photos, videos) and personal observations which can be useful when it comes to creating simple, cheap and interesting posts to provide practical training. Participants understood that knowledge of the Russian language as an effective communication tool for large areas of the former Soviet Union and Russia is crucial.

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