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The Main School of Fire Service

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XI International Rescue Workshop FENIX 2014


On 2-7 June 2014 Polish III year students of the Main School of Fire Service (MSFS) have had a training ground exercises being a part of their annual practice. The venue of the Workshop was the Training and Education Centre of the Mazovian Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Pionki.

Polish students have been joined by international groups from 8 countries Belarus, Estonia, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Ukraine and Germany (participated in the exercises using their own equipment, including two vehicles: fire truck and technical rescue vehicle). Total number of foreign guests was 56 people. Observers of the exercises have been delegates from Institute for Retraining and Professional Development in Borisev (Belarus) with a lead of Col. Andrei Kaminski – Deputy Director of the Institute as well as Mr. William Nemick – Deputy Chief of Pueblo Fire Department (Colorado, USA).

The exercises consists of two parts: workshop exercises and complex rescue operation exercises. During the exercises the following aspects and modules have been practiced: structural fires, chemical and ecological rescue, road accidents and heavy technical rescue. After every part of the exercises there was a time for remarks from the instructor as well as exchange of points of view from all the international teams.

On 4th of June Rector-Commandant Gen. Ryszard Dabrowa had a meeting with the leaders of international teams in order to exchange remarks concerning organizational aspects of the exercises. On 6th of June the official closing ceremony with handing out the diplomas took place with a lead of Col. Stanislaw Sulenta - Deputy Commandant for Operations.

On 5th of June guests have had an opportunity to visit chosen MSFS laboratories and smoke chamber.

The workshop had been an unique opportunity to train combined, international rescue operations at the scene. Despite different procedures of acting at the scene in participating countries and communication obstacles the rescue operations have been conducted very successfully.

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