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Erasmus Policy Statement

The Main School of Fire Service (SGSP) is a higher education institution in Poland supervised by the minister for interior and the only within the structure of the State Fire Service. The mission of the School is to educate and train the students to become specialists in the area of the management of natural and man-made hazards, risk assessment, protection of life, health and property, respect for diligent work and self–discipline and the honour of serving the public. Since 1971 the School is engaged in international cooperation in the area of public safety.

Currently SGSP is involved in several international projects (e.g. 7FP) which let come along closer with other universities familiarizing one another especially when it comes to expertise,study and scientific potential. Moreover,SGSP in working in some international organizations (e.g. European Fire Service Colleges Association,International Association of Universities) which are a great platform to search for appropriate and valuable partners. SGSP uses also internet based platforms being provided by EU to facilitate partners searching. It should be emphasized, that in purpose to facilitate the exchange of expertise and experience between SGSP's students and experts from partner institutions, SGSP chooses for partners not only higher education institutions, but also institutions of lower levels (teaching centers, education centers, academies, etc.). SGSP is mainly interested in the region of Europe (Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia, France, Slovakia, various scientific and educational projects, e.g. in the Fire Academies in Hamburg and Aix-en-Provence, Lund University, Police Academy in Bucharest, Rescue Services Academy in Kuopio, Finland) which is covered by Erasmus Program,however,second priority geographical area is Eastern Partnership region (Erasmus Mundus project),Balkan region (Instrument for Stability) and United States of America (EU-US programs and foundations, student placements).

SGSP most priority target groups are students of engineer and master study programmes. SGSP is the university providing study in the specific area which is: civil safety engineering (crisis management, occupational safety and health) and fire safety engineering (specialists in the field of fire safety). We believe that giving the opportunity to the students to enhance their perspective on experiences,knowledge,solutions adopted in other countries will have a direct effect on the civil protection and fire protection system improvement in Poland. Their personal experiences and relations will be a great profit for country's system for safety and security of the citizens as well as the entire European system which is right now more and more united,coherent and complementary to the national EU states' systems.

Although SGSP in not entitled to award degree of Ph. D., scientific staff is supported in third cycle studies realization, as well as further scientific development, in one of partner institutions in Poland and abroad (e.g. Technical University in Zvolen, University in Zylina, Technical University in Ostrava).SGSP's participation in Erasmus Program is a supportive measure on the way to become entitled to award the degree of Ph.D. SGSP is an organizer or an annual field training workshop for international rescue teams. Participation in Erasmus programme creates a great opportunity for SGSP students to study in an international communities. One of the priorities of SGSP is the ability to gain and develop new qualifications, as being one of fundamental indicators for the quality of the teaching and research staff. Members of staff are engaged in many research projects in the area of safety science and engineering. The results of their work are published externally and internally within the School's Scientific Bulletins or monographs.

The cooperation of SGSP staff with the teaching and research staff from other universities and colleges is one of important ways of gaining new experience, knowledge and skills which increases the creativity and the level of their scientific and didactic work. Participation in the LLP contributes to the implementation of the Bologna Process in Poland. This will also allow for broadening of the educational offer of the School and it will contribute to the improvement of the teaching and training provided by the School. Student and staff exchange, international placements and participation in teaching and scientific networks are the highest priority goals for SGSP and provisions to implement the European standards and education model of high standing.

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