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Course catalogue

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Please find an up-to-date course catalogue (ECTS guide). Select the course of your interest to find more details.

Fire Theory and Combustion (Total: 5 ECTS):

  1. An introduction to fire modeling
  2. An Introduction to Fire Phenomena
  3. Combustion of Organic Polymers

Civil Safety Engineering (Total: 15 ECTS):

  1. Risk analysis
  2. Safety systems design
  3. Spatial Information Systems

Civil Protection and Crisis Management (Total: 19 ECTS):

  1. Civil Emergency Planning
  2. Civil Protection
  3. International safety and security institutions
  4. Crisis Management
  5. Education for Safety
  6. Internal Safety in the European Union
  7. Identification and Analysis of Biological Threats

Rescue Operations and Safety (Total: 12 ECTS):

  1. Chemical and Ecological Rescue
  2. Critical Communication Systems
  3. Electrical Fire Safety (temporarily not available due to improvements)
  4. Hydromechanics

Fire Prevention (Total: 15 ECTS):

  1. Fire and explosion hazards assessment
  2. Fire Safety of Buildings and fire safety engineering
  3. Forest Fire Protection

General Sciences:

  1. Chemistry
  2. Engineering Drawing
  3. Foreign Language (ENG GER RUS)
  4. Information Technology
  5. Mathematical Decision Making
  6. Mathematics
  7. Mechanics
  8. Probability and mathematical statistics
  9. Psychology and Sociology
  10. Strength of materials

Grading system in SGSP

ECTS Grade Mark Grade and its discription Range (extent) of knowledge Numeric value

Excellent (excellent results)

90 -100% 5,0
B Very good (results above average) 80 - 90% 4,5
C Good (Results on average) 70 - 80% 4,0
D Satisfactory (acceptable results) 60 - 70% 3,5
E Sufficient (results fulfilling minimum requirements) 50 - 60% 3,0
F Insufficient (failed - further work required) 0 - 50% 2,0
FX Unsuccessfull (failed - absent or didn't fulfill all requirements) n/a nzal

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