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Engineering Drawing

Course name: Engineering Drawing


Language of instruction: Polish/English

Teaching methods/load: Laboratories (30h / semester)

Teacher responsible: Agata Walczak



Mathematics (descriptive geometry) at secondary school level


Description of learning outcomes

The aim of learning of the subject is gaining fundamental information on how to read and process technical drawing documentation. The use of knowledge in the practical conditions e.g. in order to quickly assess behavior of building structures and equipment in fire conditions and construction disaster, assessment of the hazards related to use of machines and equipment in the work environment. Information received during technical drawing subject are basis for understanding content of the following subjects: fundamentals of equipment construction, fire-figting equipment, safety of buildings, construction and technical infrastructure disasters, safety of rescue, development of technical safety, development of safety of municipal infrastructures, development of safety of the natural environment, development of transportation safety, components of rescue systems, rescue, security and safety means, personal and collective protection means, engineering of technical safety, hazards modelling, ergonomics and physiology at work safety, ergonomics and design of work stands, machinery and manufacturing equipment, and other technical fields.



  • Standarized viewport coordinates, rectangular parallel projection with European method, bringing arrangement of six viewports to the main plane, Projections: views, sections.
  • Standarized components of technical drawing: drawing lines, scales, drawing sheets, graphic l components of drawing template.
  • Dimensioning of technical drawing: graphical components of dimension, standarized symbols, creating ordinate dimensions. Registering scale and technical information.
  • Standarized graphical components of drawing simplifications and indications in the mechanical drawings: threaded connections, welded, riveted, etc. Tolerances of dimensions and shape, and surface roughness.
  • Standarized graphical components of designations in construction drawings: height ordinates, elevations, slopes, channels, holes, insulation, doors and windows, a plant, plant development axonometric views of the installation.
  • Content and arrangement of technical documentation: mechanical devices documentation, architectural and construction documentation, structural documentation, documentation of technical installations of construction objects.

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