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Information Technology - course description

Block name: Information Technology


Language of instruction: Polish/English

Teaching methods/load: Lecture (30h / semester); Laboratories (30h / semester)

TOTAL: 60h / semester

Teacher responsible: Dr Adam Krasuski



Student has skills in the use of the main components of the operating system. He knows basic concepts of file management. He knows how to use basic software applications, a text editor and text documents


Description of learning outcomes




  • Spreadsheet: Libreoffice Calc; Entering the data, data types, formatting, addressing the cells (= A1+ B1), addresses blocking ($), conditional formatting, data sorting, filters, pivot tables, data validation, functions: sum(), count(), count.numbers(), if(), randbetween(), if(), search(), Charts, sin().
  • Database: Libreoffice Base; Creating tables (table design / wizard); primary key, query (query wizard / projects); reports (creator); relations (1:N / N:N); forms, math: mean(), count(), min(), max(), sum(); aggregation; grouping.
  • Vector graphics: Inkscape; Introduction; vector vs raster graphics, objects and properties; manipulation of the objects (duplicate, rotate, flip etc.); gradients, bezier curves, text, objects to curves, align and arrange, arrange on the grid, offset, boolean operations.
  • Raster graphics: Gimp; Introduction, toolkit; selecting; working with color; layers; scaling; opacity; filters: shadow; bezier curves, color adjustment by Curves tool; alpha channel; filters: Gaussian Blur; alpha channel: edge rounding; color into alpha; filters: deforming.

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