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Safety System Design

Course name: Safety System Design


Language of instruction: Polish/English

Teaching methods/load: Project work (30h / semester)

Teacher responsible: Paweł Kępka, PhD


Achieving learning outcomes in terms of: expertise in the design of safety systems; systems theory and the theory of security; hazard mapping and risk maps; risk analysis; skills of specialized soft-ware to predict the effects of adverse events; research, analyses; conduct a comparison of alterna-tives; propose and optimize new solutions; independently analyse problems in the field of safety engineering.

Description of learning outcomes

The primary purpose of teaching is to familiarize the concepts and understanding of the design principles of security systems; knowledge of the functionality and capabilities of specialized tools to support the decision; practical verification procedures for responding to crises. After completion of the course the graduate is prepared to work in the cells of both the public and private sectors dealing with security, in terms of system security. Graduates are prepared to work independently; of analysis; use specialized software to predict the effects of adverse events, taking into account legal solutions technical, procedural.


  • The genesis of the design of security systems, security systems design principles: determinants of legal, technical, organizational and procedural.
  • Rules for the drafting hazard maps and risk maps, introduction to programs Aloha, Aloha UK, Marplot, Marplot UK and Google Earth and Google Maps.
  • Principles and methods for the design of safety systems. Classification of entities with the common characteristics of threats. Hazard identification of the entity.
  • Define inter-dependencies. Preliminary analysis and risk assessment. Documentation of work. The role and responsibilities of shareholders and users of automated control systems emergencies and crisis management.
  • Determining the procedural requirements of technical personnel in a particular emergency situation without-safety of people and infrastructure, especially critical infrastructure.
  • Identification of key parameters of safety systems. Designing, testing, implementation and monitoring of security systems at every stage of life
  • Rules for the use of safety systems in the public and private sectors. Develop hazard maps, risk maps, risk profiles. Inference.

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