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Strenght of Materials

Module name: Strenght of Materials

ECTS: 7 (total) 

Language of instruction: Polish/English

Teaching methods/load: Lecture (30h / semester); Exercises (30h / semester); Laboratories (30h / semester)

Teacher responsible: Renata Kamocka, PhD



Basic knowledge of mathematics and physics (Secondary School level), principles of classical mechanics and technical drawing.


Description of learning outcomes

An objective is to acquire students with basic concepts and information about strength of materials in order to understand principles of building and mechanical constructions. It enables students to evaluate states of emergency: reliability of building constructions, firefighting and rescue equipment while a fire or a construction disaster.



  • Introduction. Basic concepts of strength of materials: Internal and external forces, stress and strain. Cross-sectional geometric properties.
  • Simple states of stresses and strains, tension, axial compression, Hook's law, mechanical characteristics of metals.
  • Statically determinate and indeterminate bar systems, trusses, trusses dimensioning.
  • Analysis of stress: uniaxial stress, state of stress and strain in two dimensions.
  • Analysis of stress: Mohr's circle.
  • Bending: determination of internal forces, internal forces graphs.
  • Pure bending: hypotheses, stress determination, stress distribution, flexural modulus, dimensioning.
  • Deformation of bending bars, deflection, angle of deflection, boundary conditions, the axial deflection equation.
  • Design of bending elements. Examples.
  • Torsion of circular cross-section bars. Internal forces, torque graphs, stress, deformation, pure share, Hooke's law for pure shear, Kirchhoff's modulus, shear angle.
  • Torsion. Dimensioning.
  • Stability, critical forces, elastic buckling, Euler's formula, determination of critical forces and stresses.
  • Buckling. Tetmajer-Jasiński formula, Johnson-Ostenfeld formula.
  • Thermal problems. Thermal deformation, thermal stresses. Effect of temperature on mechanical properties of metals.
  • Rheological properties.
  • Determination of mechanical properties of metals under normal and high temperatures. Tensile test.
  • Metal impact test. Temperature effect.
  • Hardness tests of metals. Brinell test, Rockwell test, Vickers test, Shore test.
  • Determination of material constants.
  • Tests of stress and strain of beam.

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